Welcome to the Apostolic Theological Seminary!

The Apostolic Theological Seminary was founded in 2014 by an agreement of the Joint Meeting of the Episcopal Body. We are working hard to accredit our first Seminary with the Association of Theological Schools, the accrediting agency for theological schools.

Goal #1: Creating A Base of Professors

One of the main requirements for accreditation is to have a base of seminary-trained professors. Since 2007, the Apostolic Assembly has negotiated cohorts with different accredited seminaries with the goal of creating a faculty for our seminary. From only a handful of members with accredited theological seminary, the Apostolic Assembly is poised to have more than 90 members with accredited degrees.

Since 2012 the Apostolic Assembly through the Theological Postgraduate Fund has sponsored 44 Apostolic students that have graduated from several seminaries:

- Masters (Fuller Theological Seminary): 6
- Masters (Evangelical Seminary of Puerto Rico): 24
- Masters (McCormick Theological Seminary): 4
- Masters (Harvard Divinity School): 2
- Masters (Princeton Theological Seminary): 1
- Masters (Union Theological Seminary): 1
- Doctorate (McCormick Theological Seminary): 6

We are also looking forward to the following sponsored 53 Apostolic students graduating soon:

- Masters (Fuller Theological Seminary): 6
- Masters (McCormick Theological Seminary): 24
- Masters (Evangelical Seminary of Puerto Rico): 2
- Masters (Harvard Divinity School): 3
- Doctorate (McCormick Theological Seminary): 16
- Doctorate (Fuller Theological Seminary): 1
- Doctorate (Evangelical Seminary of Puerto Rico): 1

Goal #2: Forming a Seminary Library

Since 2007 the Apostolic Assembly has also been purchasing hundreds of books and journals to create a seminary library. The Assembly has also been negotiating with seminaries to gain access to different libraries across the country. Toward the goal of having a theological library, we have been fundraising to buy a first seminary building that is debt-free.

We have fundraised $68,287.51

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